Projects overview

  • A project managed by a program manager of IT-Infratructure. We were aiming for an upgrade of the existing Microsoft Office 2013/2016 towards the cloud-based Microsoft 365. I was responsible and facilitating the Microsoft 365 migration for Rabobank Wholesale. With especially focused on used applications and their interface with Microsoft Office 365.Rabobank was aiming to push applications including their Application Lifecycle Tool (TFS) to the cloud (Azure). I was responsible to facilitate the preparation for Rabobank Wholesale.
  • FactSet Partners is a research creation system created by FactSet. GFM Equity Research uses this system to create their research reports on Benelux based companies. After creation the system distributes the report via email to their clients. This version of FactSet is supported within RI IS&D. FactSet is a product out of the box used by the dealing room. The dealing room counts xxx workstations including xxx FactSet installations. The Currently used version of FactSet doesn’t meet the Rabobank International software standards and is difficult to maintain and support. Difficult because Rabobank skipped several upgrades. Besides the currently used hardware (accept the database server) is out of support by IT-Infrastructure. The objective is to upgrade the current FactSet soft- and hardware and replace legacy software like binary API and CDers. The new FactSet and hardware will meet the current Rabobank IT standards. The project had 3 different stages: UAT, PreProd and Go-Live. Due to security regulations we were forced to adjust the configuration and architecture. With 3 weeks delay but in time and budget the new FactSet including Target Distribution went live end november 2015.
  • In 2011 IS&D PTS researched the current strategic approach for Rabobank International with regard to the tools that are used for the software development process for IS&D (and its business lines). The tool strategy serves ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) in order to:
    • Increase productivity;
    • Improve predictability;
    • Improve transparency.
    The current tooling landscape with regards to software development is quite diffuse. There are multiple technologies supported by the tools. The main technologies are:
    • .Net
    • Java
    The current version TFS2010 doesn’t support Java. Besides .Net and Java there are several standard packages that are being used within IS&D. These packages use different technologies that are sometimes vendor specific. Database tooling is not classified as a specific technology. However the mainstream is Oracle there are some deviations. Employees using the tools are facing quite some challenges including:
    • Hard to get management information out of the current set of tools
    • Redundant information storage in different tools
    • Difficult to work with IBM Rational Synergy/Change
    Because the development tool landscape within Rabobank International is very diffuse support and maintenance is not central organized. This is the reason there are similar tools and or different version running and sometimes on the same workstation. Input for this research was delivered by manager applications and team leaders of the following business lines: E-Commerce IT, Operations IT, Finance IT, Risk IT. Within RI Clarity is used for time writing, MS-Project project management and SAP/AFA to make hours financial. As part of the Global Tool Strategy Program we have made a start and successfully integrated TFS as ALM tool in the first projects. RI is running successfully on TFS2012 and is planning to upgrade to TFS2013 in 2015.
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I worked with Jan Sleeboom during his time by Rabobank. I remember him as a true team player, who is always striving to deliver. He has great proficiency in the wholesale domain with experience over the last 18 years. In his role he was representing the Systems domain for overall projects within Rabobank International, for instance several lifecycle management projects, implementing new applications or additional functionality on live banking applications. I praise Jan for his In-depth knowledge of the application(s) in scope and its (key)stakeholders. During my time at Rabobank International I remember Jan as a colleague who gave commitment and was actively participating in projects. He is a dedicated IT Project Manager and true team player. I can best describe Jan as a fast learner, who is delivery-oriented, is positively, acts responsibility and with a positive can-do / will-do attitude. Feel free to contact me for any further info or recommendations of Jan.”

Stephan Moormann | Global Head Business Continuity Rabobank

Jan reported to me in his role of team lead of the IT4IT team. Jan had a very hands-on mentality and was used to managing small- to medium-sized projects himself to a good result. He was also “the” go-to guy for anything that needed to be arranged within other departments like for instance Infrastructure. I’ve experienced Jan as a hard worker and great colleague.”

Rene Harte | Manager RiskIT

A true team player, always striving to deliver, even when the going gets tough. I had the pleasure of working together with Jan on several IT projects in the Wholesale domain over the last 8 years. Taking on projects, Jan representing the Systems domain where I was responsible for the Infra domain, guaranteed a successful project; according to the defined scope, on time and within budget. Being it lifecycle management projects, implementing new applications or additional functionality on live banking applications Jan surprised me every time with his in-depth knowledge of the application(s) in scope, knowing who the (key) stakeholders are and his capabilities to get them aligned, committed and actively participating. Needless to say I truly recommend Jan as being a hardworking IT Project Manager, and a fun person to work with.

Daan Verhaar | Project manager IT-Infrastructure